Art and Music of the Bahamas

by Eddie Minnis and Family

Nicole S. Minnis-Ferguson

“Over the years my work has been greatly influenced by living on a number of the family islands of the Bahamas - especially the summers I spent on Exuma as a child.  It helped me develop an appreciation for the simple uncomplicated life, which I often try to depict in my paintings.

When my maternal grandparents first got married they lived on the island of Acklins. A few years ago, I had the privilege of living on Acklins for a few months with Wilbert and Lerlene Cox. Living with them I got to see first hand what life was like for my grandparents.

They taught me many things including how to pick top for making straw baskets, collect firewood, fry fish over an open fire and bake ‘Dokie’ (flour cakes) in an outside kitchen. The piece entitled “Miss Lerlene” was inspired by this trip.

I hope that viewers will be able to connect with my paintings and that it will inspire more persons to taste the peace and tranquility that I so love about our family of islands.”