Art and Music of the Bahamas

by Eddie Minnis and Family

Roshanne Minnis-Eyma

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by art. Although I come from a family of artists, each of us has a different style that reveals aspects of our personality.

My medium of choice is pastels. I find it gives me the most freedom of expression. I completed my first piece of art in soft pastels when I was in grade four, and when I started painting seriously for art competitions at age 14 I used oil pastels. Even in my oil paintings the blending techniques I use in pastel come through.

My work has been described as a sort of ‘romantic realism’. I don’t sing like my father, but I do love to write poetry. In my paintings I attempt to capture a mood that leaves the viewer with a serene feeling. I believe that’s why I have a love for the effect produced by reflections on our Bahamian waters, and the shades of emotion in the human face and figure.

I feel that art is a gift from God; it is a gift that we cannot hide, but that we have to express and share.”